Partnering with recruitment agencies, like A People Partner, can sometimes seem like a tedious and unnecessary process that requires yet another step in order to find a job. There can be a lot of negativity around using agency partners. But not every agency operates the same. There is value in using an agency partner versus applying to a position on your own.

Companies, like A People Partner, can help to explain your experience in another way to employers. Your resume only can tell a small fraction of your story. So by allowing A People Partner to represent you in your job search, we can talk with company representatives over the phone and explain your experience in more detail than your resume can offer. We can also tailor the way we communicate your experience based on the specific role. Some other specific examples of how agency partners can be a value add to your job search are:

  • If you’re changing careers.
  • If you’re re-entering the workforce.
  • If your experience is untraditional to the roles of interest.
  • If you have gaps in your employment or smaller stints of work history.
  • If you’re not getting feedback on your resume or after interviews.

Here at A People Partner, we’ve never been a fan of the cover letter. We never really saw the value in this additional step for job seekers. But we can serve as your cover letter with no extra work for you. We can emphasize your skills and experiences in a way that relates to the position you’re interested in. We can explain any gaps or reasons for leaving, if the company is looking to know those. We can share your accomplishments and challenges you’ve overcome. We can provide insight on your teamwork, communication and personality.

Being your partner comes at no cost to you. A People Partner helps you job search and move through a hiring process without you paying us anything at all. We can provide you with career coaching, upskilling and support on negotiating offers or understanding other elements of the hiring process, even if it’s not a job we submitted you to. We can also be an additional support system or a listening ear for you when you need it.

The one challenge of working with an agency partner is that some companies don’t want the support of an agency to fill their open positions. They want to avoid paying the premium that it costs to place that talent in their organization. But that’s not for you to stress over. Let A People Partner take on that hurdle while you focus on your job search.

At A People Partner, our goal is to match a job seeker with an employer. Even if we’re coming to you because our client has a need, we are invested in making sure that this opportunity fits your needs as well as theirs. Our goal is to make an alignment between the two parties so that both sides find value in the partnership and want to stay together long-term.