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We advocate for people-first work cultures where leaders pour into people every single day. A People Partner began as a way to help Human Resources departments focus on the incredible humans that work in their organization.

Our CEO has worked in small HR departments since entering the industry. She learned that with many competing priorities it was inevitable that some items would be shifted or stalled and could reside that way for longer than intended.

How could this problem be solved?

A People Partner, LLC has the answer! A People Partner, a woman-owned business, was founded in April 2022 by CEO, Alysa Southall. We officially began taking on clients in June 2022. Our founder is an entrepreneur with a passion for human resources, recruiting and providing equal opportunity to job seekers.

A People Partner is focused on increasing transparency in the HR and recruiting industries. We advocate for diverse work environments that lead with empathy and act with kindness.


To remove barriers for employees by creating cultures that allow them to thrive, be authentic and be treated equally.



We encourage diverse workforces made of up of individuals of different cultural backgrounds, ages, race, gender ethnicity, religion, experience, thought and skills. Studies prove that diverse teams are more productive, innovative, successful and engaged.


We encourage companies and leaders to lead with empathy. Empathy is about understanding one another and providing compassion. Studies show that employees of empathetic leaders demonstrate higher creativity and engagement. Lead with empathy. Act with kindness.


We advocate for equality for all. This means dismantling racism and educating others on anti-racism. We champion initiatives for equal pay, equal rights and equal opportunity. We work to educate others. We speak up for change and stand as allies with marginalized groups.


We encourage and advocate for inclusivity in the workforce. Everyone deserves to be included. Inclusion allows for equal access to education, learning and opportunities.  Inclusive work environments result in happier employees and a more educated and skilled workforce.


Teamwork is about effectively and efficiently working with one another to achieve goals or tasks. When humans work together to achieve a common goal and bring their uniqueness  and diverse experiences with them, the group is more successful.


We encourage transparency in the workplace. We advocate for removing access and barriers that blur lines and open the door to discrimination. Transparency fosters trust and increases loyalty and engagement. Transparent environments encourage innovation.


To inspire and change the world to think, hire and work differently than ever before.

Meet Our Team

Alysa Southall

CEO & People Partner Executive


Chief Security Officer


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