A People Partner, LLC, a woman-owned business, was founded in April 2022 by Alysa Southall. We officially opened our business on June 1st of that same year. Our founder is an entrepreneur with a passion for Talent Acquisition and Human Resources who promotes change and equality.

Alysa Southall brings over 6+ years of experience working in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition. During her time in corporate HR and TA, she developed a passion for improving the landscape of Human Resources within businesses and improving the relationship between job seekers and employers. Alysa also saw an opportunity to improve the landscape of corporate HR and TA. With aspirations to one day be a business owner, providing career coaching services to job seekers, far away in the future she continued working in corporate HR and TA. When life dealt her a different hand than expected, she chose to pursue her dreams now rather than wait for an unknown period of time in the future. A People Partner, LLC was born months later.


To improve candidate and employee experiences and enhance cultures across the employment landscape.


In order to achieve our mission, A People Partner, LLC will alleviate some of the stress and burnout of Human Resources and People Operations professionals by taking on their tasks and projects through project-based consulting. This will give those professionals and the organization back time to focus on their most valuable asset…people!

We will provide specialized recruitment support to organizations. This approach allows them to focus on other competing priorities while we locate the talent they need for their organization. Additionally, we will support the enhancement of the current recruitment function to help companies capitalize on their current areas of opportunity in their hiring process.

A People Partner, LLC believes and advocates that every job seeker should have equal opportunity to employment.

In a world where open jobs and available talent always exist, A People Partner, LLC wants to unite employers with job seekers.


Our commitment to job seekers and businesses requires us to be diligent in living our values every day.


To bridge the gap that exists between job seeker and employer by improving work environments and enhancing the skills of job seekers while unifying these two groups that need each other to accelerate forward.

A People Partner Connecting Employees to Employers

Meet Our Team

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