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  • Woman-owned business
  • 6+ years of Human Resources and Recruiting experience
  • Passionate about diversity and inclusion
  • Promotes people-first cultures
  • Advocates for equity and equality

Our Services

Human Resources

Reducing your burnout and giving you time back to focus on the incredible humans doing great work for your company.


Bringing your organization the most diverse talent in the specialties of Administrative, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales.

Job Seekers

Offering free resume building, LinkedIn tips and interview practice to job seekers so that everyone has equal opportunity for employment.


A People Partner believes in living our values every day. We advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion. We encourage empathy and know the value of empathetic leadership. We promote transparency in the workplace. We discuss the importance of teamwork, especially diverse teams.


I recently hired Alysa from A People Partner to help with hiring new employees. It was the most stress free hiring that I have ever done. Alysa interviewed the candidates, did the background work on hiring them and then made a suggestion on who to hire. She prepared the job offers to the new candidates and got background checks done as well. I find interviewing very stressful so to have all of this taken off of my plate has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. She knows what questions to ask and what to look for in a candidate. With her help, we hired TWO great candidates for our growing business. She is working with us to help make sure we are compliant since HR has changed so much over the years. I can’t say enough good things about workiing with Alysa, she is an amazing professional.

Renee Jacavanco, President at Business Services Unlimited

“ A People Partner offered an innovative solution to cover my maternity leave. Alysa covered for me for a 4-month duration and did an exceptional job. My company is a small business and my role is multi-faceted. Alysa was able to offer us a contracted solution to cover many aspects of my role that could not be delegated internally. I came back to an extremely well managed completion of her coverage. Alysa did not only execute on what was agreed upon, but also was able to clean up some items that needed attention. I would recommend A People Partner a hundred times over. I left for and came back from my maternity leave with no stress at all. Very much appreciated! ”

Brooke Mackey, Human Resources Manager at Endur ID

“ My experience with Alysa and A People Partner has been excellent. Alysa was successfully able to keep our HR organization running without incident while our HR manager was on maternity leave. Alysa’s hard work and support was instrumental in keeping the organization functioning. Could not have done it without her and very much appreciated. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Alysa again in the future. ”

Al Larose, CEO at Endur ID

“ I have worked around the CEO, Alysa for many years. Most recently I have hired Alysa and A People Partner to support our recruiting efforts. Alysa continues to impress me. Not only has she filled many of our roles, learned the Pharma industry, and worked a tight timeline, but I also continue to get great feedback from candidates. She is one of the most organized and driven individuals I have worked with in my career. ”

Krystle Humphreys, Human Resources Director at Seqens

“ Alysa is detail oriented and diligent with her communication. It means the world, the time, effort and inspiration she gave me! Definitely recommend working with her for finding your perfect match. ”

Fallon Rae, Job Seeker

“ Alysa is an amazing person and beyond helpful to job seekers. She has thought of everything one needs during a hiring process and is an excellent communicator. I had such a good experience working with her and could approach her for literally anything. For any job seekers out there, I would definitely recommend Alysa! Thank you Alysa for being so amazing! ”

Shruti Masand, Ph.D., Job Seeker

“ Alysa was an absolute joy to talk with. She was SO encouraging and supportive!

I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was not in this alone. She let me ramble and talk, guided the conversation in a productive way and asked some really good questions that made me really think about the whole process of job searching.

When I got a job offer, she was there! I could reach out to her and get my insecurities out, ask her questions and she gave me the support I needed to make a good decision about what to do.

I’m so blessed to have met her and will continue to have her as a friend well after my employment is settled! ”

Christine Canales, Job Seeker

“ Alysa was terrific to work with and you will feel that she is special from the moment you start the hiring process with her. She is thorough in all phases of the hiring process and know what makes a good match between you and the hiring organization. She works tirelessly for you and brings both parties to work together on opportunities to make something happen and you will enjoy the hiring process that she is involved in. I recommend her without any hesitation and believe she gives you the best chance to find a perfect fit for the next step of your career. Good luck! ”

Chungming Cai, Job Seeker

“ Alysa took the time to get to know what my needs and goals were and was invested in helping me meet them from the get go. She was highly professional and personable. She gave me many new tools to help me in my job search including resume and online presence reviews and suggestions as well as interview prep and coaching. cannot recommend her enough! ”

Daniel Donahue, Job Seeker

“ Alysa caught my attention after I read a LinkedIn post about how she helped someone with their career. Alysa impressed me with her confidence, empathetic nature, honesty, and knowledge of the field. She helped me revamp my LinkedIn, resume, and cover letter so I could showcase my personal brand, which I had always wanted to do. I even got compliments on it! She encouraged me to become more active on LinkedIn, which ultimately led to me landing a job in the field I’ve been wanting to transition into!
Thanks, Alysa! ”

Molly Barrett, Job Seeker

“ Alysa was a very dedicated professional and was totally committed to work with me. Alysa expressed how much she valued me as a client. Alysa had such enthusiasm and energy throughout our meeting. Alysa coordinated all of my interviews and made the process seamless and enjoyable. Alysa is a great communicator and leader who I admire very much. ”

Karen Horsch, Job Seeker


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