A People Partner

  • Woman-owned business
  • 6+ years of Human Resources and Recruiting experience
  • Passionate about diversity and inclusion
  • Promotes people-first cultures
  • Advocates for equity and equality

Our Services

Human Resources

Reducing your burnout and giving you time back to focus on the incredible humans doing great work for your company.


Bringing your organization the most diverse talent in the specialties of Administrative, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales.

Job Seekers

Offering free resume building, LinkedIn tips and interview practice to job seekers so that everyone has equal opportunity for employment.


A People Partner believes in living our values every day. We advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion. We encourage empathy and know the value of empathetic leadership. We promote transparency in the workplace. We discuss the importance of teamwork, especially diverse teams.


“ Alysa is detail oriented and diligent with her communication. It means the world, the time, effort and inspiration she gave me! Definitely recommend working with her for finding your perfect match. ”

Fallon Rae

“ Alysa is an amazing person and beyond helpful to job seekers. She has thought of everything one needs during a hiring process and is an excellent communicator. I had such a good experience working with her and could approach her for literally anything. For any job seekers out there, I would definitely recommend Alysa! Thank you Alysa for being so amazing! ”

Shruti Masand, Ph.D.

“ Alysa was a very dedicated professional and was totally committed to work with me. Alysa expressed how much she valued me as a client. Alysa had such enthusiasm and energy throughout our meeting. Alysa coordinated all of my interviews and made the process seamless and enjoyable. Alysa is a great communicator and leader who I admire very much. ”

Karen Horsch


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