Many organizations shy away from using recruitment agencies or staffing partners because of the cost these groups charge. Most times there is a premium to permanently placing an individual in your organization and oftentimes the company can have their own dedicated recruiters or TA team members who are handling this process. The value of working with an agency partner can seem less desirable with all of those factors considered.

Chances are your recruiters or TA professionals have over 10 positions they’re working on for you at any given time. That means that they can’t prioritize all of your openings. This leaves some of those positions lingering in the balance, merely being posted and hoping the right people apply.

Other organizations partner with a specific list of core agencies that they’ve negotiated contracts with and are not open to considering other partners. This type of list can be a great resource because everyone knows what agencies the company is working with and how to contact them. However, this could be limiting your talent pools. Consider this, multiple job seekers have a frustration with that agency for one reason or another and they tell their friends not to use it. So their friends go to a different agency, but they have the skills you need. You’re missing out on talent that your competitor might hire. Another example, maybe the recruiter within the organization doesn’t see the value in interviewing someone with an untraditional resume or the salesperson doesn’t trust the recruiter that submitted the candidate to them. Either way, you don’t see the profile of that individual and never get the opportunity to hire them.

A partnership with A People Partner can provide a different experience. We believe in making partnerships that make sense for both parties. There’s no benefit to either party if the other isn’t going to be happy in a month or three months. Here are some other ways we’re different:

  • The person who supports the client is the same person who finds the talent.
  • We conduct thorough video/phone interviews of each candidate to ensure we understand and have captured their experience.
  • We manage the entire process from start to finish for your organization.
  • We work directly with the hiring managers to understand their needs and preferences.
  • We get out in front of any potential reputation issues by addressing these upfront with candidates.
  • We focus on the candidates that are a fit for the role and send them relatable messages to gain interest.
  • We communicate with the talent to understand their experience and highlight these areas for the managers.

At A People Partner, we have the ability to customize our recruitment efforts specifically for your organization and openings. We also can discuss our pricing model to ensure it makes sense for both sides. Most importantly, when you pick up the phone to call A People Partner, you’ll always get a person to speak to and be able to ask for real-time updates on your positions.

Contact us today to see how we can support your hiring efforts!