Happy Motivational Monday! **Long post alert** – We assure you that it’s worth it!

Back in 2020, an actor that our CEO, Alysa Southall, follows on social media stepped away from acting and chose to follow his heart into new journeys and experiences. Graham Wardle played Ty Borden on Heartland, a Canadian series that has aired for (soon-to-be) 16 seasons.

Graham started podcasting after he departed from the show. Alysa has received a lot of inspiration from his podcast, Time Has Come. It was what pushed her into ultimately making the decision to start A People Partner, LLC. During one of his podcasts he made a comparison to a scene from Indiana Jones and said something about trusting that the bridge will be there to catch you. That’s when Alysa knew she had to start the business that had been dancing in her heart for years.

Whenever Graham has a guest on his podcast, he asks them all one similar question. He calls it “The Magic Painting”. It goes like this: “if you could have anywhere in your house a magic painting or an object that whenever you look at it you can feel any emotion that you want to feel to any degree that you want to feel it. What emotion would you choose? And what color or colors would you want on that painting to represent that for you?” During this point in Alysa’s life, she was struggling with depression and anxiety. So she took Graham’s question and made her own painting to help her feel the emotion she wanted to feel every day, multiple times per day. “If you had to explain that feeling of (insert emotion here) how would you explain it?” Graham asked his guest. Building on her painting, Alysa added a description for that emotion. Whenever Alysa sees the painting she feels the emotion she selected. And one day she hopes to have both the painting and the description on display in a prominent place in her home, so that everyone can feel that same emotion.

So on this Motivational Monday I ask you, what would your painting say and what would look like? Check out Graham’s podcast to hear how other people have answered. https://www.grahamwardleonline.com/