“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

The things we want don’t always show up on our doorsteps with bows on to tell us they’re here. They don’t knock on the door to tell us they’ve arrived. In some cases, the door to possibility and opportunity doesn’t exist on its own. This means we have to build our own door with our own path to possibility and opportunity behind it.

Today, start building your door. Decide what possibilities and opportunities you want to await you behind it. Then develop your plan for crafting your door and assembling. Will it look ornate and historic? Will it be simple and sturdy? Will it be bold and whimsical? The way your door looks, feels and smells is up to you. What it holds on the other side of it is your choice also. You might decide that you want a door so sturdy that no one can break it down to get through, except you, because you want to be able to protect yourself on your journey of possibility and opportunity.

Think about whatever you need to do this week, whether it be for your business, personally, professionally, etc. See those “need to do” items as the possibility and opportunity behind your door. Identify what they are and how you can obtain them. Then build your door to protect them from outside forces. You can go even one step further by creating this for the remainder of the year.

Remember, sometimes you need to build your own door in order for opportunity to knock on it!