Discrimination comes in all different forms. ❗️❗️❗️❗️

People that argue that discrimination isn’t really happening are wearing rose colored glasses. 👓👓👓👓

In the hiring process alone, candidates are being discriminated against for:

📌 Age

📌 Race/Ethnicity

📌 Gender

📌 Disability

📌 And the list goes on.

When a candidate applies to a job, they are required to include the year they graduated high school. This opens the door for discrimination.

During the application process, a candidate is asked to complete a voluntarily disability form. This opens the door for discrimination.

In the screening process, candidates are discriminated against based on their citizenship and their race/ethnicity. Chenae Erkerd, J.D., RACR shared a post this week related to this.

It is disgusting that this is happening.

It is disgusting that the company, in the picture below, had these requirements and an employment agency posted this role knowing these requirements existed and furthered the discrimination.

A People Partner will choose not to work with companies who make these types of requests.

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