Happy A People Friday! 📆📆📆📆

Are your employees making a living wage? 💰💰💰💰

Let’s look at minimum wage:

📌 Minimum wage is $7.25/hour.

📌 Minimum wage hasn’t risen since 2009 (that’s almost 14 YEARS)!

📌 Minimum wage is $15,080/year.

Average incomes by state:

💵 District of Columbia = $88,702/year – Highest

💵 Massachusetts = $81,123/year – Second highest

💵 Mississippi = $41,776/year – Lowest

💵 Virginia = $44,947/year – Second lowest

By keeping the Federal Minimum Wage low ($7.25/hour), it’s allowing employers to offer unlivable wages!

💸 “The average household in the US spends $61,334/year on expenses.”

💸 “On average, 34.9% of spending, or roughly $1,784/month, is dedicated to housing and housing-related costs.”

💸 “Nationwide, the median household income is $67,521/year, while personal income for individuals is $35,805. The living wage for a family of four in the US is $68,808/year.”

Employees deserve a living wage!

Employees need a living wage!

Be a leader in change for minimum wage!

Check out hr-4uinc.‘s live podcast today where we will discuss living wage!



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