People Supporter Community Roundtable Event

You are considered a People Supporter because you:

      • Impact culture
      • Contribute to employee experience
      • Provide a candidate experience
      • Influence hiring processes

Join us May 13, 2023 from 11:00am to 2:00pm EST for this virtual roundtable.




HR vs. People Operations

Retaining and Attracting Talent



Wellness and Engagement

Employee Experience

Empathy and Mindful Communication

Leadership Development

Training/Learning and Development

Performance Management

Conflict Resolution

Employee Relations

Onboarding and New Hires

Terminations and Layoffs

Succession Planning

Strategic Planning

Employee Resource Groups

Total Rewards/Benefits

Meet and Greet


  1. Opening Remarks by A People Partner CEO Alysa Southall
  2. Mental Health and Building a Supportive Community for Human Resources/People Ops professionals
  3. Breakout rooms for each topic – 30 minutes each
  4. Meet and Greet room available for attendees to exchange contact information, if desired
  5. Closing remarks by Alysa Southall

Let’s build a community together!